St. Anthony's Lodge


About Us


Saint Anthony’s Lodge was established on November 26, 1919 with approximately 40 members at a building at the corner of Stuart and Lancaster Avenues in Downingtown. The ground breaking at their present location on Church Street in Downingtown took place in 1929.


Saint Anthony's Lodge is named after the Italian Catholic Saint Anthony of Padua.

June 13 is Saint Anthony's Day, which was a huge celebration among the Italian

population of Downingtown. On this day there were processions through the Johnsontown area of Downingtown. Some of the events that took place on this day were chasing greased pigs, climbing greased poles, and the eating of traditional Italian foods.

During World War 2 the Lodge was open to soldiers from allied countries. In 1945 when the war ended, the Lodge bought clothes for beneficial members that were overseas. In the 1950's, the Lodge was remodeled, and a recreation room and pool were added. Improvements are continuing to be made.






Among other things, the Lodge sponsors a swim club, sports teams, and gives awards to local high school students.


Now in our 95th year, we proudly watch our membership grow and the traditions kept alive by our youngest members, some who are the great-grandchildren of the founding fathers.



President:Nick Chilla, Sr.

Vice President: Frank Gazzerro

Treasurer: Nicky Sarmento

Secretary: Victor Taraschi

Financial: Ron Savastio

Trustees' Secretary: Anthony Mascherino


"Satch" Talucci

Bill Pacinelli

Francis Taraschi

Nick Chilla, Jr.

Vito Taraschi

Frank Doto